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Don’t add Alternative Treatments before Consulting a Professional
DO> I have been saying this for years and years and years.

Dealing with the Problem Pileup
DO> Great article about how to handle bipolar problems

Bar Set High for Committing Mentally Ill
DO> Do you think this is a good thing or bad thing?

Seasonal Episodes can Add to Burden of Bipolar Disorder
DO> Kind of common sense, don’t you think?

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  1. I remember reading in KR Jamison’s memoir about how difficult it was to involuntarily commit someone in America and keep them in hospital. Here in the UK it’s called sectioning and there are numerous sections you can be kept in under ~ anything from a few days to six months at a time. They can even section you if you’re a voluntary patient and you insist on going outside. If they think that’s not safe a nurse can impose an emergency section keeping you indoors. This system works really well. Of course there are spectacular mental health failures that hit the papers ~ when untreated psychotics commit major crimes, etc but by and large our system seems to work far better than yours. Also we have a National Health Service that means nobody’s tearing their hair out about the cost of a specific medication, or just taking part of a prescription because they can’t afford both meds. You either get prescriptions free if you’re on a low income or pay a fixed charge of just over $10 per item so it makes no difference whether the medication is new or old, generic or brand name, you pay the same price. Our system isn’t perfect, but it does work and nobody goes without treatment just because they cannot afford it.

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