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What’s new? Hope you are doing well. I am sending this out on Monday because the holidays got me all messed up.

Anyway, to read this week’s news visit:

Here are the news headlines:

Illness, Injury or Surgery – The Effect on Bipolar Disorder
DO> Very interesting article, take a look.

Are Clinicians too Quick to Diagnose Bipolar Illness in Children?
DO> What do you think?

MRI shows dysfunction in bipolar, ADHD patients
DO> Pretty amazing, don’t you think?

Police Urged to get Training Dealing with the Mentally Ill
DO> Of course, doesn’t this make sense?

Calls Renewed to Force Treatment on Mentally Ill
DO> Do you agree with this?

Blackwell on Health: Universities Grapple with Tide of Mentally Ill
DO> Do you think they are doing enough?

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  1. I have been battling BP for years and my Pdoc tells me I should be on disability . My disorder has me in bankruptcy . I need information on applying for SS disability . Everything I have read says it may take as long as a year or more . While I have long and well documented case history , it scares me to think I will have no personal income until (if ) i get SS disability . In the mean time , the roof we had put on is rotting after 12 yrs , and the company won’t stand behind their 30 warranty . I need some advice soon . The stress of all of this is not helping my BP and anxiety any . Please , any advice would be helpful !

  2. This is not related to the article, but I need someone to offer answers. I purchased an eReader for Christmas that has different background light brightness settings. I read a lot on it on Christmas. The result was I could not go to sleep till the wee hours of the morning. I think the light from the eReader background affect my brain. I do have bipolar. Has anyone else had this experience? Is it good for persons with bipolar or not? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Maybe, it is like a light box for seasonal depression. Mary

  3. Hi Dave, I wasn’t able to read the stories because I can’t read gobbledigook. I do have a question for you though. Why do the holidays get you all messed up? Thanks, Helen.

  4. NOTE: Your news file today (Monday) opened as gibberish code, but your blog and your catalog portals opened just fine. I use MS Outlook and Firefox browser, in Windows XP environment. First time failure.

  5. I look forward to reading the bipolar news, but this link leads to a lot of gibberish. I am sure others have notified you and I hope to get the correct link soon. Thank you for all you do.

    Jennie Piers

  6. I have tried to read a couple of the articles and both come out looking like hyrogliphics????

  7. Dear Dave and readers, My name is Lynn and I’m a recovering alcoholic. I also live w/Bipolar II Depression, one day @ a time. Re: ‘the TIDE of mentally ill'[caps mine]. I live in Sacramento Co. in Calif., and mental health coverage has i ndeed created such a ‘tide.’ I’m very blessed to have been stable on my 3 meds, for abt. 3 yrs., which saved me fm. a hospitalization for suicidal depression. I’m so grateful to have Medicare Part D, which covers my prescriptions, some of which are VERY expensive. [Also take other meds for other conditions] I appreciate having a place to share, and know that I’m being validated for my recovery story.
    Lynn S.

  8. Yes, your newsletter/blog came out as code. But I wanted to respond to whether medications should be forced on BP/schizophrenic people. Emphatic YES!!! Yes, along with support, education, and counselling, but YES! Families need the support, education and counselling as well. This is so hard.

  9. Dear Dave
    Please how can one differentiate between BP and intense
    anger/physical attacking.

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