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Failure of GPs to screen for bipolar is ‘deadly’
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More bipolar tests could save lives
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‘It was a black hole that I recognised’: A bipolar disorder sufferer recalls …
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Why you should not shy away from mental health issues
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Bipolar Disorder Under-Diagnosed or Not?
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  1. Help after 20 years Litium, prozac, Klonipin, and Cymbalta, Lamotrigine 100 Al of a sudden are not helping me. Went to Emory University Hospital for check up, nothing was found. Have had all kinds of withdrawals. we live in southeast Georgia and mental health holds no help for patients. I am only allowed to see the Dr. every 3 months. When I started having trouble with medicine, no mental health person or Dr would help me. I am In Law enforcement (18 years) and don’t know want to loose my career because these people refuse to do their job. I lived in NE Ohio and the help,therpy(best for me)nurses, Dr.’s were dedicated. what can I do? It’s really getting to me.

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