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Erratic Sleep Points to Mental Illness
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Kicking Depression: The Politics of Mental Illness: Why I’m Not Running
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Tragic Loss Motivates Mom to Educate Others on Suicide Prevention
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When To Tell Him You Are Bipolar
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  1. Erratic Sleep Points to Mental Illness
    The first statement in this article leads people to believe bipolar disorder just one day appears. This is not true by any means;it a life time disease that takes daily work.
    Not sleeping when you are a baby,child,teen should be investigated;hell,at any age. By my own experience as a full blown bipolar diagnosed person I can tell you no sleep and disturbed sleep night after night after night is daily thing for me.
    I have lived for 54 years with very little undisturbed sleep. Medications, alcohol and runnung for days at a time have been my only help. Sleep deprivation is no good for anyone but more so for those with mental health issues.
    Respectfully, Mary Alice

  2. Telling a potential significant other or new friend about a mental disorder is a scary thing to do. I think honesty about ones conditions and how one is managing them is the best way to inform any new acquaintances. Like the article mentioned, this information should only be revealed if an emotional investment becomes part of the new relationship. Many individuals with bipolar disorder also have other conditions that may actually be worse than the mood swings. Borderline Personality Disorder seems to accompany the Bipolar Disorder in some people. This is a severe tragedy because the person becomes so mixed up, and honestly, who wants to be around that? It’s like they don’t know who they are, and they are relying on you, the person they are with, directly or indirectly, to tell them who they are. They are very fragile and vulnerable people inside, but they can be very destructive and dangerous. Whatever happens don’t let them bring you down. They aren’t worth it. If they hadn’t closed all the mental facilities years ago, these people would all be locked up where they belong.

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