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Back To School With Bipolar? How College Can Unleash Mania
DO> Great article about college and bipolar disorder

Film Peers Into The Mind of the Mentally Ill
DO> What do you think of this film concept?

Haven Behavioral Hospital Offers Treatment Programs for Adults
DO> Interesting program…

Feds Pay Doctors $161M to Design Drugs Just for You
DO> What in the world do you think of this?

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  1. my husband and I have been in a battle with Bipolar for a while now,we thought we had things under control,he this would have been his secound year attending college. Our fights have got so bad we had to seperate. Actually I had to take an EPO out on him becouse he start accussing me of offial things. Things that he knows I would never do. If started to get dangerous for me to even be around him. When I would deny what he was accussing me of it would only piss him off more. One day I was coming in and he beat me up real bad. He was sentence to 2yrs in prison. I don’t think he’ll make it. Any suggestions?

  2. Keep praying. He will make it. Stay separate, but alwyas bless him (her) when you think about him (her). Do not hate him, those are the misteries. In my case I always pray my Lord to change his/her mind for the mind of Jesus Christ and it works. It does not matter if she or he prays, you are the one who have constantly keep praying for our relatives or friends in this situation. God bless you.

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