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Mental health: So much room for improvement
DO> HA HA. Everyone dealing with bipolar disorder knows this. It’s actually not funny but sad.

Genetic Traits Link to Bipolar Disorder
DO> Very interesting article.

Most important things we can give: love, time
DO> What do you think of this?

Many Famous People Suffer With Bipolar Disorder
DO> Another good article.

Bipolar mom is too much for hard-pressed couple
DO> Very revealing article, don’t you think?

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  1. David,you said your Mother use to lie ans say so and so said things that caused problems and in alot of the emails people have sent in I see that is common in bipolar people to tell untrue things or just lie..Why? I know there selfesteem is low and they lash out in anger but why do they some times just lie?
    my friend gets mad and says he slleep with so and so or he has a girlfriend that he is seeing and I know he is lieing most of the time but gosh some times its hard to trust him after he has told some of his lies.
    I just keep showing love and compassion and alot of praying but I just wish I could understand why he thinks some of the things he does and says.
    Do you or anyone have any comment on this?

  2. David, pls. don’t send me anymore info about bipolar. I feel sick to read all these things.
    Don’t take this personnaly but.

    Do bipolars lie?? So, I cannot be a bipolar as years ago I decided NOT to lie. I mean by «lie» the truth that is absurdly distorted for any purpose, without purpose. May be another type of mental sickness but a lier is a lier whether sick or healthy.
    I don’t feel like discussing these mental matters, feel fear and anger at the same time and also diminished.

  3. Hi Dave
    Like what you are saying: “Most important things we can give: love, time” Well I read that Mary has the problem of understanding the concept of lying. Well this is such an interesting subject. If we can find an accurate definition of what the truth is then we might have an accurate definition of what a lie is. If one asks the question of what reality really is then one will see that we do not really know what it is but that we just have a perception of what we think it might be but nobody really knows what it is. Nobody knows what the truth really is. If one look at a scary movie one gets scared from what you see but what you see is not real. The same is the case with the truth or a lie. It is a certain perception that we have of what the truth or a lie might be. The rules that we live by is just rules, an attempt to make society work but in universal terms it doesn’t mean a thing. If one looks at a certain object there is a lot of different angles and dimensions one can look at that object. One can look at the beauty of the object, one can look emotionally at the object in other words how the object makes you feel, (does the object scare you or does it have a calm effect on you). Then one can look at the object at different temperatures how it looks or behave. One can look at the molecular structure of the object and so on. Which one of these dimensions or points of views would be the truth about this object and which one will be the lying part of this object. The answer would be it depends on from which perception or dimension you are looking at this object. Look at colors. In different languages we name a certain color something different so the question is which language is lying about that color. If somebody calls a certain color for instance something different is that person lying? Not really because one person is not above another so the first person that gives names to colors is not above other people so we can actually call certain color whatever we like and it cannot really be a lie. In other words the person that named the color blue as blue are not above anybody ells so his word cannot be seen as the ultimate truth for the color blue. To make a society work we give colors a specific name and it is about agreeing on the name of that color. If a person is being transported to a distant planet somewhere in the universe then he or she can call anything whatever he or she wants to and it is not going to be seen wrong, is it? This goes much further. If one would look at the concepts of time and space and relativity then it bring us to a whole new understanding how things work and our believe system. The rate at which time passed is changing when you add speed. This is just some basic things but here is simple example that might explain a lie and the truth concepts. In early years they said that the earth is the centre of the universe. Was that a lie? Before you answers this question lets go further. Later they came up with the discovery the sun is the centre of the universe and today our text books might say that neither the sun nor the earth is the centre of the universe. Is this a lie? Ok here is the thing. We do not know where the borders of the universe are if it has borders. So we do not know where the centre of the universe is. So even if the chances are very small there still might be a chance that earth might fall in the centre of the universe. The truth would be that we don’t really know if earth is in the centre of the universe or not and this statement that I’m making today can be proven wrong tomorrow. I further believe that any theory can be proven wrong. We are looking at a very small almost infinite small part of the universe so we don’t know what ells are out there, so our concepts or theories of, or understandings of how things work, might be totally wrong when we look at other parts of the universe or if we could look at the universe as a whole. It brings us to one simple understanding and that is the way to go is to respect one another and one another’s opinions. This discussion can go on to infinity.
    Hope you have truthful day.

  4. David, Ilove your candor but dealing with someone who had bp is a lot of work. Laugh all you want but I get stessed myself. I’m ready for the next big move which is the big D. Abandonment maybe, survival yes. Financially I can’t take anymore hits.

  5. Dear David,

    Thanks for all of your articles.

    Thanks for making us aware regarding the details of the problem of manic depression and bipolar disorder.

    I have learnt a lot of things regarding mental disorders from your regular mails and it is really helpful to make/keep some body aware about the danger if not diagnosed properly.

    Thanks again for your continuous effort.

    I stay in India but still the awareness developed due to your continuous mails.

    With best regards,

    Pradip Majumdar

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