Bipolar: Taking the Right Steps


You know…In life in general…If you want to get someplace, you have to take the right steps to get there. That just makes sense, doesn’t it? Like this woman I know. She wanted to be a great educator. So first she got her bachelor’s degree. Then the next step she took was to get her master’s degree. The next step for her was to get her doctorate. And the final step was to get that career that ensured that she would be the great educator that she wanted to be. And you know what? She did all that. Because she took the right steps to get what she wanted.

I know a man who wanted to become successful in business. Well…He started off with an idea. (A good idea, of course.) He took a small step at first, utilizing a good business plan. Then he took a bigger step, enlarging his business. Gradually he took enough of the right steps that he parlayed that idea into a tremendously successful business!

I did the same thing when I started First…I just wanted to help my mom with her bipolar disorder. So I took the first step and got educated about the disorder. Then I took the next step and found out how to get her stabilized. Then I did research into other people who had the disorder and people who were supporting them. Then I started the website. And everything blossomed from there.

So what am I getting at? And what does this have to do with bipolar disorder? I’ll tell you. You have to take the right steps to insure stability with your bipolar disorder.

Take my mom, for example. Recently she was under a tremendous amount of stress. Things were happening at work…And on top of it all, my dad got real sick. So because my mom had to go back and forth to the hospital, her schedule was all off. That meant that she lost sleep, for one thing. Which is bad when you’ve got bipolar disorder. And she stopped eating right, because she had to just grab what she could at the hospital. After a little while, she felt herself starting to go “off” with her bipolar disorder.

So what did she do? She took the right steps to avoid a bipolar episode. First: She got in touch with her psychiatrist. And her psychiatrist increased one of her medications for a few days. Then she talked to her therapist on the phone. Then she got her sleep under control. Then she started eating right again. Then she started pacing herself with work and being proactive in the problem that had been stressing her out at work.

By taking all these steps, my mom stayed stable and was able to avoid a bipolar episode, in spite of all the major stress in her life at the time. Your loved one can avoid an episode as well as long as they take the right steps.

Well, I have to go!

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  1. you are doing a good and a right thing for all of humanity. you should be proud of yourself and keep it up. here is some information everyone needs to know: when a bipolar person reaches a senior citizen age (such as myself) it is to be known that with some seniors the bipolar medication can affect the heart; to a degree that the senior MUST stop the medicines or die. now you know what an impairment this is. many symptons occur, the worst would be the inability to sleep properly. and then the other symptoms which make this a very disabling way to live. the anxieties, paranoia, and stress all go to limit the quality and length of life. this is an area that should be addressed by all involved. especially for the respect of all senior citizens.

    thank you for listening to this important input. email me if you want to or if tou need more information. barbara joan

  2. hey my good friend,

    we all have to “pick up” or “clean up” after the one that was prior to our arrival’s storms of life don’t we? My eyes have glissened as I read your blog this morning. In my own business my good friend Vashti finally said to me Lean this one was meant for ur eyeballs.

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