Bipolar: Story About Life and a River



I heard this funny story the other day and I wanted to share it with you: This man looked up at the sky and said, “What is the meaning of life?” A big, booming voice came down from the sky and said, “Life is like a river!” “You mean that it’s long and winding?” the man asked. “What do you think?” the booming voice answered. Puzzled, the man asked, “You mean because it has so many twists and turns?” Again, the booming voice answered, “What do you think?” Still puzzled, the man asked, “You mean because of all the things that get caught up in its way?”

“What do you think?” boomed the voice from above. This time the man thought he had the answer. He asked, “You mean because there seems to be no end in sight?” The voice boomed, “What do you think?” Frustrated by this point, the man answered, “I think I better figure out the answer for myself, that’s what I think.”


I don’t know about you, but I thought the story was funny. But I thought it made a good point, too. And, like always, I realized it could be related to bipolar disorder. Sometimes we have the answers to things, we just don’t know that we do. Sometimes we think we have the answer, but it turns out not to be. Sometimes we get really frustrated, because we just can’t see any answer to our problems at all. Sometimes the answer to our problems might be staring us right in the face, and we just can’t see it. Sometimes we can find our own answers by learning from other people and how they found their answers. Sometimes the answer seems to be so well-hidden that we think we’ll never be able to find it.

But just like the funny story about the man asking about the meaning of lifeā€¦The bottom line is, you have to find the answer to your problems for yourself, however you have to do it. But I guarantee, the answer is there somewhere. You just have to look for it. Have you ever heard the expression, “The impossible just takes a little longer”? Some people don’t try at all. Some people blame their problems on other people. Some people with bipolar disorder blame their problems on the disorder. Some people try a little bit, but give up easily. Some people try to make their problems into someone else’s.

And then there are those who won’t give up. I like to think of most people with bipolar disorder and their supporters that way. It’s not their fault that they have the disorder. It’s not fair that they have to live with something they never asked for, or deserve. And there are a lot of problems that come with having bipolar disorder. It takes a lot of willpower and strength to deal with the problems that come with the disorder. It takes a lot to fight the disorder, and it takes a lot to manage the disorder and especially to not let the disorder manage you instead. Those are some pretty big problems, wouldn’t you say?

Yet I talk to or hear from people with bipolar disorder and their supporters every day, and they are doing it. Most of them don’t complain about it, even though I’m sure they don’t like it, and would rather it didn’t happen to them. But they’ve accepted the reality of their problems, and they do something about it. They face their problems head-on, and they look for solutions for them.

They don’t blame the disorder for their problems. They don’t try to blame other people for their problems. They don’t try to make excuses for their problems. They just accept life for what it is, and accept that there are problems that come with life. Whether you have bipolar disorder or not. These are the people that I respect the most. Because these are the people who don’t give up.

Well, I have to go!

Your Friend,




  1. What a perfect email for me to find today -I really needed to hear “Don’t Give Up”.


  2. Dearest Friend oliver

    I am inclined to agree – you just get caught up in so many things and you dont’ know how you got there. Well – it just goes to show that in life there are many facets – Earth is just one of those facets – The earth is so vast that God has measured enough time (our lifetime) to go through it, explore, enjoy and live abundantly in. We really dont’ need to go looking to Jupiter, Mars, or Venus do we? (my theory on extreme measures to find peace and happiness). We are rich enough if you ask me…lol!

    to be honest — many people dont realize they already have the very things that are sufficient for the day (Life, Health, and simple things causing massive laughter) one needs not be intertwined in whatever they believe may bring extreme happiness.

    Sure the next best thing to having a nice family or beau with nice family (which becomes yours, anyway) is peace of mind on matters of Health and endless Finances – there are plenty of opportunity to “attract these very things into one’s life” effortlessly – Money is energy – and like attracts like – it’s that simple. The energy you are is the energy you continue to attract.

    Peace, Love, Life — wonderful things – pursue it like a Devil after a Soul (it’s that valuable)you’d give up anything for it…I get it!

    whatever it is you are is exactly what you will continue to attract to yourself. Well I’m off to do some clothes-shopping!!! Have a fun day!

  3. Dearest friend Oliver,
    Hi! Im doing good thank you! I enjoy all your posting.
    You make alot of sense out of nothing. You are a bless
    man to help us all out here that wonders about bipolar.
    My daughter has been diagnose with bipolar five plus years ago and has been struggling with it ever since. I feel so helpless most of the time. But its so comforting to read your posting. It’s good to hear that there is hope in managing “it”. LOL Thank You again>

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