Bipolar: Lesson From Bankers


Lots of people complain about bankers, Wall Street, etc. Many say that ALL of these people are crooks and that they’re evil. This is not the case. ALL bankers are not crooks. ALL banks are not dishonest. It’s just SOME. People that say these things are just generalizing about it. Maybe they just had one bad experience with a banker, like they got turned down for a loan or something, so now they’re saying that all bankers are bad. Or they lost money in the stock market, and they need someone to blame it on. Or they’re struggling financially, or lost their job, so they’re blaming it on the economy.

People with bipolar disorder can learn a lesson from this. They say the same thing about therapists, doctors, and hospitals, too. They say that they’re all bad. But all therapists are not bad.

All doctors are not bad. And all hospitals are not bad. Just SOME of them. Know what I mean?

Those who say that all doctors, therapists, and hospitals are bad? Same thing. Someone might have had a bad experience with a doctor. Maybe they even really did have a bad doctor, or even a bad therapist. But that doesn’t mean that they are ALL bad. And every hospital can’t be bad, can it? Just SOME.

If your loved one has a bad doctor, they need to find a good one. And if they have a bad therapist, they need to find a good one. Because these two professionals are very important to their stability with bipolar disorder. It’s their responsibility to find and have a good medical and mental health professional who is really out for their own good. Although you can help them, as their supporter. They shouldn’t stay with someone who isn’t helping them, because then they won’t get better. They shouldn’t stay with them just because they’re afraid to change doctors or therapists. They need to think about what’s best for themselves.

If they’re not sure if their doctor and/or therapist is good or bad, maybe they can take you with them to their next appointment. You might have a more objective point of view than your loved one does. You might be able to tell better than your loved one can whether their doctor or therapist is a good one or a bad one, or whether they are right or wrong for your loved one.

Remember, though, that not all doctors, therapists, and hospitals are bad. I am NOT saying for your loved one to change their doctor or therapist if they are working for them. Again, I am NOT saying that ALL doctors and therapists are bad. If their doctor and therapist are working out for them, great! And if they have found a hospital that takes care of them when they’re in an episode and treats them well, then even greater!

I just want you to be aware, and make sure that your loved one’s professionals are looking out for their best interests, because that’s what they are there for.

Well, I have to go!

Your Friend,




  1. Good Morning!

    a sunset is a sunrise in Heaven!!!!!! My beautiful niece works or worked in a Bank and even if she is no longer there or still there – I’m not sure, the idea is a whole group may very well be evil but perhaps you are the only light in that place and your light has to continue to shine whether it be you are police, journalist, televangelist, tenants with special voices arguing your your tired driven clients and so forth;

    MOral of the story!!! THE NOW!!!! Focus on the Living realm is what I told my niece and her handsome boyfriend at a recent luncheon of Red Lobsters.

    She forever loves sunsets now

    uncle Joseph “prince” Antoine

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