Bipolar: Do NOT Listen To This RUMOR!


Today I want to talk to you about something I call: THE BIPOLAR RUMOR The bipolar rumor is when one person hears about someone they know claiming to have heard about someone they know being cured of bipolar disorder (did you get that? I know, it sounds confusing). Then they tell someone they know about someone they know who knows someone they know who was cured of bipolar disorder. Then they tell someone who tells someone else who tells someone else…Get the picture? It reminds me of that commercial on TV awhile back for some shampoo that said , “And they’ll tell 2 people…and they’ll tell 2 people…and they’ll tell 2 people…” and on and on and on…And all this telling people is all based upon a RUMOR to begin with!!!

It’s important to me for you to know that there really is NOT a cure for bipolar disorder at this time. That’s a sad fact, but at least there is treatment for the disorder, and management of it.

But for people to claim some miraculous cure should be illegal! In fact, it is unethical, if not illegal, when some company tries to sell you some product that claims to cure bipolar disorder.

You need to be careful of any product that claims to be a “natural cure” for bipolar disorder, because there just isn’t one! So you should KNOW that it is bogus! It will never be able to say that it is backed by the FDA (except as a FOOD product, not as a cure). But this is SO dangerous! I know of one woman who believed in this BIPOLAR RUMOR. She believed in it so much that she stopped taking her medication, believing that she was CURED of bipolar disorder. 8 months later, she took a gun and killed herself. What was worse was that she not only claimed this “cure” for herself (before she died), but she told MANY other people about it. They, too, went off THEIR medication! And they, too, went into bipolar episodes! Luckily, they didn’t kill themselves, because they had good supporters, and they realized they really weren’t “cured,” but just think about what could have happened to them!

There really is NO CURE for bipolar disorder at this time, unfortunately. And anyone who claims that there is, is NOT telling the truth – they are only spreading a RUMOR. A potentially deadly RUMOR. If you have found yourself in this situation, I BEG YOU NOT TO LISTEN TO THIS RUMOR! Please, please, DO NOT GO OFF YOUR MEDICATION, no matter what you hear! I know, some of these claims can sound really good. In fact, I’ve read some of them myself on the Internet. There’s one man who claims he was able to go off his medication 5 years ago and is still stable with his bipolar disorder today. And he is claiming that he is CURED of the disorder! Not only that, but he is claiming that you can be cured, too! And this is VERY dangerous. Well, think about that. Even if it were true that he is stable today (after ONLY 5 years), what works for (only, and I stress ONLY) one person, does not mean it’s going to work for another person. Secondly, he is trying to sell you something. He is trying to make money off this RUMOR! And that is so dangerous, because if YOU go off your medications, you can die!

So please don’t listen to this deadly BIPOLAR RUMOR, and stay on your medications!

Have you ever seen these ads for natural cures for bipolar disorder? If you’ve ever been tempted to try them, DON’T! And even if you are, ALWAYS check with your doctor FIRST! NEVER go off your medication without checking with your doctor.



Well, I have to go!


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  1. Hi All,

    This sounds serious! I heard that there is only treatment for this as well and not a cure. What might have been the case is that certain people might have thought they had Bipolar but it was actually something else perhaps mild depression and as they noticed they started making changes in their lives, their situation improved and it would appear that their “alleged” bipolar disappeared. I think it was a misdiagnosis.

    Life is stressful. Anyone can almost lose it but it doesn’t mean you have Bipolar – just an episode of frustration of what constantly may still be in your life that you’ve processed 15 years ago. That’s what happened to my friend – she eventually moved from her neighborhood altogether and is fine now. hOwever the topic Bipolar most people already do know there’s no cure just treatment so I think your readers are safe here.

  2. My daughter says that she was never bipolar.He dad told her that she didn’t need meds so she stopped taking her meds and says that I just made it up. 5 hospitalizations and countless difficulties, but she is normal in her eyes.

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