Bipolar: Could This Be For You?


Have you ever known a workaholic? Or even been one yourself? It’s one thing to work hard. That is commendable. But to work so hard that it gets you stressed out is not a good thing. Here’s another question for you: How many people do you know who love their work? Probably no one, right? (or very few people).

As children, we are encouraged to follow our dreams (even though some of them are not realistic, like becoming the president). We are told to use the gifts and talents we have to think of a career that we want to work in. But too many people actually hate their jobs. If you are one of them, don’t let this keep going on.

I know the economy is tight. That’s why so many people are holding onto their jobs, even if they hate them. Or are even working a second job. Or a third one! But eventually, it will eat away at you.

I know one woman who hated her job so much that she had an anxiety attack on the way to work every day. That’s no way to live. And definitely no way to take care of yourself.

Maybe you could consider starting a home business as an alternative to working outside the home. Or consider working only part-time, if you can afford it. But remember back to the beginning of this post. You should be working in a field that supports your gifts and talents. A job that you enjoy. One that makes you feel good about yourself. One that you look forward to going to. Unfortunately, too many people don’t do that. They just take whatever they can get.

I know one man who is a certified car mechanic, but can’t find a job in his field. So he started a home business just fixing cars in his driveway for now. And he does very well for himself, and is
basically stress-free, because he is his own boss. Also, he can set his own hours. He also determines how much money he is going to make. So he is doing what he is trained to do, what he loves to do, the way he wants to do it.

Some people are stuck at dead-end jobs – they can’t go any further up the ladder. Then what do you do? There are so few jobs out there at this point, because the economy is still so bad. So many people are even being let go from their jobs. And the competition for the jobs that are out there is fierce.

But not if you start your own business, like the car mechanic I was telling you about. He is very happy doing what he’s doing. Maybe you should consider starting your own home business? Many people with bipolar disorder do it because of the flexibility of it and because it works around their disorder. And because the business can still work even if they get sick.

Well, I have to go!

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