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What is success to you? A mother told her son that for him to be a success it was not in how much money he made, but in how honest a man he was, and how good a husband and father he was. Many people define success in many different ways. Webster’s dictionary defines success as: “favorable or desired outcome.”


Some synonyms for success are: achievement, accomplishment, victory, triumph, feat, realization, and attainment. Today I want to talk about success with bipolar disorder. I know, you probably haven’t even thought of the concept before. But it’s one of the things I talk about to people, and it’s something that is possible with bipolar disorder, as it relates to those synonyms.


Now, I didn’t say that success with bipolar disorder would be easy. Don’t get me wrong. I just said that it is possible. Although there is still no cure for bipolar disorder at this point, there is treatment for it. And because there is treatment for it, there is the possibility for stability. And stability can bring with it the remission of symptoms. And although the remission of symptoms isn’t a cure, it’s the next best thing. It’s like being in remission with cancer. The disease never really goes away, but you don’t have the symptoms of it any more. To me, that is success. As much success as you can have with bipolar disorder at this point, anyway.


Ok…So let’s talk about how you can get success with bipolar disorder, or get to the point where you no longer have the symptoms of it. First of all…Your best bet is going to be medication. I know you don’t want to think of taking medication every day for the rest of your life, but if it means having no symptoms, will that make it easier for you to take it? Medication keeps the symptoms of bipolar disorder at bay. It balances out the mood swings, and for those people who suffer from hallucinations and delusions, antipsychotic medication helps allay those symptoms as well. But the important thing is that you take your medication every day religiously. That is your greatest chance for success with your bipolar disorder.


Another thing that will help you to achieve success with bipolar disorder is to see your doctor, psychiatrist, therapist, and other professionals on a regular basis as scheduled. Don’t miss appointments, as that can easily derail your treatment success.


Another point toward your success efforts would be the establishment of a good, strong support system. The people in your support system will help you as you try to manage your disorder, and will help you in your goals toward getting better and finding success.


There is the possibility of getting better, getting stable, and finding success with your bipolar disorder. And there are some things you can do to achieve that success, like I’ve talked about.


Well, I have to go!


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