Big Bipolar Disorder Lesson From Friend Who Can’t Find Girlfriend


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I wanted to tell you a funny story
about someone that I know and it reveals
a tremendous lesson about bipolar


Let me tell you the story.

I know this kid, let’s call
him Bill (not his real name), who
went to a gym that I use to go to a
couple of years ago.

I met him and he was like 18 when I met
him. One day he was telling everyone
that he had never been on a date with
a girl. I thought that was kind of amazing.

He said his goal was to find a serious

So we all tried to help him out. Anyway,
he first would never ask anyone out. He
would never leave his parents house either. As
a result, he never went on a date. After
several months of explaining how if he doesn’t
try, he won’t go out, he finally asked
someone in the gym out.

To make a long story short, she was suppose
to show up at TGI Fridays at 8:30pm. Guess

She never showed up. He waited until 9:30pm.
Not only did she not show up, rumor had it,
she quit the gym.

Then he asked another girl out and she did
the same thing.

I couldn’t believe that this happen to
him twice. It was amazing. This has never
happen to anyone I have ever known. To have
two people do the same thing from the
same place.

Hmmm. I thought.

So then another gym opened up and I encouraged
him to join because there would be lots of
girls his age and maybe the other girls in
the other gym were well “off.”

So he joins the new gym and actually he goes
out on some dates. I was happy but he had
nightmare dates.


NOTE-There’s going to be a bipolar lesson
within this story, hold on. A REALLY important

Over the course of two years, he told me
the other day that:

-one girl he went out with stood him
up again

-another girl he went out with, went to
an Ivy League school. When they were out
on the date, she asked, “Where did you go
to college?” He said “umm, well I didn’t.”
She said, “My dad says I should date people
who didn’t go to college, can I go home?”

-Another girl he took out, went out with
him and then threw up all over the table and
him at the restaurant. He said and I think this
is funny, “if you didn’t like me, you didn’t have
to throw up just so I would take you home?” She then
had some kind of drinking problem?

Can you imagine this happening to you? He said
that people in the restaurant jumped up and ran away
and screamed because she was so loud when she
threw up.

-Another girl he took out revealed to him that
she hated all kinds of people. And she said, people who
are the same should stick together. He said she
was a “hater.”

-Another one wanted to have multiple boyfriends
at the same time?

At one point, it was so strange that several
people in the gym wanted to really help. They
went out of their way to try to figure out what
the problem was. Several people were working
on it. No one could figure it out. He looks
normal. Actually works out hard. It’s amazing.

One friend got a girl who is a model in the gym
to make suggestions and recommendations. Then there
was several girls all of which who were popular and
good looking trying to “figure it out.” No one
could really figure out the problem.

Then someone said, “it’s just random, he’s bound
to have a run of good dates soon.”

I asked him the other day, “how do you keep going
on dates even though so many bad things have happened?”

He said, “well, I know a few people that have great
girlfriends so I know it’s possible. I have a picture
in my head of what I want and that’s what keeps
me going.”

I was totally shocked because that’s coming from
a fairly young kid who skipped most of high school.

Then I got to thinking about how his strategy
is EXACTLY what success people with bipolar
disorder do AND successful bipolar supporters.


He focuses on the possible not the now.

He said, overtime as well he has learned
from other’s mistakes. He asks a lot of questions.
He watches people. He said he learned how to
better qualify people before going on
expensive dates.

One of the things that I did with my
mom when she was in the huge bipolar
episode is:

-Focus on what I knew was possible
-Ask anyone with any information lots of questions
and learn from them.
-Realize there wasn’t a simple road to success

The road to success with bipolar disorder
is going to be a zig zag. Stuff will
be tried. Some will work. Some will
not work.

There will NOT be an exact clear cut
road of success. There may be some
zig zags but you have to keep
moving forward. Even if you are hit
with setbacks and problems. You will
be hit with these. I guarantee you

When I think of my friend, it would
be very easy for him to just quit and
say, “I hate woman, I am never dating
again.” He has a good outlook and
knows that success might be right
around the corner.

It’s the same thing with bipolar disorder.
For many people, success is right around
the corner.

You could easily be one doctor, one therapist
one medication change away from having yourself
or your loved one have tremendous success.

Just think with my mom, several doctors
tried to get her stable. Then it was one doctor
that gave her one combination of medication
that immediately made huge results.

I just had to hang in there with my mom. She
had to hang in there as well.

I know that sometimes it’s frustrating. Some
times the results aren’t coming fast enough.
Sometimes you feel there is no hope. Some
times you feel like giving up.

In my courses/systems:



I have many success interviews. These
interviews serve at least two purposes.

#1 the show you what is possible. They
show that anyone can be successful despite
having tremendous problems. In ALL the interviews,
the people who are successes had horrible
cases and turned it around.

#2 they give you people to model and learn from.

Now if you can’t get my courses/systems do this.

Visit local support groups. Find successful people
with bipolar disorder and successful bipolar supporters
to take to lunch and then kind of interview them.
Learn from them. Ask questions. See what they went through.
Then start to use what you learn in your own
situation so you can turn things around.

Actually my friend says he has another
date and he is convinced this girl will
be “normal.”

Well I have to run. I have 4 interviews today
and a bunch of articles to write and many things
to review related to bipolar disorder.

I thought this was a rather funny
and interesting story to communicate
some truths about bipolar that many
won’t ever tell you.

Hey, I have to run, tonight I am
going to see my friend Rob and Marie’s
little girl who is like 20 days old.

Have a great day.

Your Friend,


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  1. The story about “Bill” and dating fascinates me. I want to hear how things work out and particularly what was causing the problem.

    Good luck Bill!

    Jim G

  2. Hi Dave!

    I read your email. I feel bad for your friend.

    A little off the topic I just listen to a podcast and it was great! It was the one about “Sleep”.

    One day my husband was at the end of his rope in dealing with my continuously bad sleeping patterns and he insisted that I get to bed at 8pm each night and get up by 6-7am the next morning. BOY IT WAS HARD at first and I confess I need a pill to sleep on most nights when I am hypo. It is really hard to sleep sometimes, but for the most part having the set sleep schedule really makes a big difference!

    Thanks and can’t wait to hear more of your podcasts. 😎

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