Beat Bipolar Disorder by Attacking Like This


How’s it going?

Today there’s lots of talk about the economy.

Some people complain about it, but don’t do anything.

Other people blame the economy for all their problems.

And others acknowledge the economy is bad, but they try to do the best they can.

Well, there is a lesson from President Obama that you can learn.

We are not going to debate if what he is doing for the US economy is good or bad.

He said that his plan is to attack on all fronts.

Not just to do one thing, because there is not just one solution.

This is the same with bipolar disorder.

In order to get it under control, you must have a plan and act on all fronts.

Maybe disability
Stress reduction

You have to work on what I call the bipolar stability equation, because it has all the “fronts” in it that you need to battle bipolar disorder.

Like in my courses and systems, I talk about several elements that are needed for stability, not just one:





There is no one single thing that works for stability.

There is no one single medication that is right for everyone with bipolar disorder.

Like with the government. They are trying to fix the economy doing this, that, this, that, the other thing TOGETHER, because there is no one solution.

What Obama does, you can use for bipolar disorder.

Whatever one plan you have might not work, so you better have a plan B, C, and D and not be reliant on one single thing.

Obama has said this over and over that he isn’t sure what the path to us recovery for the recession is exactly.

Now again, I am not debating what he is doing and if it’s going to work, if it makes sense, but what I am saying is that statement makes sense.

He can’t know if something will work 100% guaranteed. So he is trying different things, counting on some of them to work. He has different plans for different solutions.

If he depended on just one plan on just one front and that didn’t work, our economy would never get better. Even at best, it might work temporarily, but it wouldn’t be a solution for the problem in the long run.

You’re going to face the same thing with bipolar disorder, no question about it. If you only have one plan on one front, you’re going to fail, too. Like if you only depend on medication.

Don’t get me wrong. Medication is crucial to recovery (stability) from bipolar disorder, but if it’s the only thing you do, you’ll still fail, and you won’t get better in the long run.

There are still other things you have to do for a permanent solution, like I was saying with Obama.

You also have to take care of yourself and your needs, like he has to take care of the country and our needs.

You have to maintain a healthy lifestyle, like sleeping right, exercising, eating a healthy diet, keeping your stress levels to a minimum, etc.

Just like Obama has all his fronts to manage and keep healthy in the country.

And you also need to keep balance in your life, or you will get out of control and go into an episode.

Can you imagine what would happen if Obama didn’t keep things balanced and lost control of the country?

Just like Obama has to have a plan to make the economy better, you have to have a plan to make your bipolar disorder better, too.

Do you see what I mean?

Agree or disagree?

David Oliver is the author of the shocking guide “Bipolar Disorder—The REAL Silent Killer.” Click Here to get FREE Information sent via email on how and why bipolar disorder kills.

  1. Have not been diagnosed with bipolar .I was Just looking for info Thankyou anyway

  2. How do you keep stability in the work sector of your life when you lose your source of income? For 30 years I have been self employed – allowing me to hide those times when my episodes would have gotten me fired from a traditional job.

    It should be my busy season, but it’s not. I am a “luxuary item”, well respected in my field and have always had adequate, to too much work. Now I have none, only a vast amount of time to ponder, question myself and my value in the work world, and worry.

    So how do I find stability in these unprecedented (in my lifetime) times and use these vast hours in a positive manner?

  3. i agree completely. medicine is never a complete cure whe ndealing with any mental disorder. you have to handle things on all thing you failed to mmention is your attitude. if you set your mind that you will overcome you will. you may have struggles and set backs but if you really believe and strive for it and be willing to accept the little set backs you will be able to manage your bipolar.

  4. Dave,

    I agree with your thoughts today. I enjoy your articles and find help from them

    Thank you very much.


  5. Yes I agree. For many years I took my meds. I kept good sleep habits. I did not exercise or try to eat healthier, I did not try to improve my stressful living situation. Then BLAM relapes occured and I wandered what I had done wrong. But since most of the time I am in a depressive state it is hard to get the exercise I need. It is had to make the effort to prepare healthier foods. I am trying to be as well as I can. I am trying to cope well and do what I have found works best for me. It is a trial and error sort of thing. Just don’t give up and keep trying. Thanks Dave

  6. David, I am dealing with being just diagnosed last june with Bipolar Type II. According to my doctors, I have to a certain degree have stabilized. WHen I was diagnosed, my friends kept telling me that I needed to stay in control of my care. Not only did I research Bipolar, I talk and asked questions of my doctors, and therapist for the simple fact I wasn’t going to be beaten down by this. I have worked most of my life outside of the family home, not only was I in the hospital, I had back surgery 2 months before my diagnosis. I agree that you need as much information you can gather to attack and fight on all aspects and fronts of life. There is only 1 you, only you can tell what is happening to you, and only you can fight on sides of the battle to be successful and be stable in your life and with your loved ones.

  7. As a supporter the hardest thing I have had to change is my own ignorance and mindset in regards to BP. for instance: one pill fixes all, life can be rough just grin and bear it, the list of cliches and truisms are endless and I used them all on Rachel: and none of them work Its like David said supporters have to forward plan for everything, and because BP has so many sides to it no one plan is necessarily going to work well for the BP sufferer all the time – I am swiftly learning life will never be the same or simple or safely familiar ever again. Yet I plan to get this little family – me, my daughter, her kids functioning safely,normally,simply,routinely within a litle family unit – going forward- and I know we will succeed.
    I love my daughter she will be home in 7 days time welcome home Rachel

  8. Like Rush Limbaugh: I hope Obama’s “solutions” FAIL. He is NOT looking at all fronts, and he is NOT trying anything different from George Bush, just putting a different label on it. ‘Nuff said…

    I agree that just medications alone won’t work. Neither will seeing your shrink or therapist. My last two hospitalizations for full-blown mania occurred WHILE I was taking my meds and getting regular sleep – like I said before, bipolar disorder is an INSIDIOUS dis-ease that can “creep” up on you when you least expect it. I’m talking here about mania only, as I’ve only had one clinical depression, and that was 30 years ago (not hospitalized).

    Right now, “subconsciously,” I am under intense stress on a LOT of fronts, leading my NP to “up” my Zyprexa AND put me on Klonopin. It HAS helped, but only to a degree. Every day, I find that I have bouts of confusion and get irritable to telemarketers!! This is NOT like the “stable” me at all. I feel that if just ONE of my stressors were resolved, I could have a chance at “normalcy” again, and start over with LESS meds. When Allan is here, I fall asleep in the recliner instead of going to bed. This morning, I woke up at 4AM, and just couldn’t get back to sleep. This bothers me, only because of the sedation I feel when waking up. It takes 3 cups of coffee to bring me back into the world!!

    To SHONA: Has Rachel gone back into the hospital? You say she’ll be “home in 7 days time,” while your other posts say she’s been stable for almost a month. Correct me if I’m wrong; I WILL pray for you and your wonderful “family unit” that you have worked sooo hard for.

    BIG HUGS to all bipolar survivors and those who love us. May God bless you real good. I pray for my country.

  9. i do agree with what you are saying. but with out the
    proper meds., and the finances to buy these meds. i feel there is no hope for a balanced life. i do suffer from bipolar and now that i’m back off my meds. everything is messed up again. i’m going to lose my job once again because i can’t get my emotions in track. i know that my disorder is no excuse, but it does make it very hard to fuction as a member of society. some days i don’t see what the sense is to go on like this!! i take the meds. and balance my life as much as i can, but then it falls apart and i start to lose control. how do people get stable and stay there. i so tiered of living this way, i want it to STOP.

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