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Employees with bipolar disorder: How do they affect your workplace?
DO> Do you know how to spot and help one?

Risk factors pave way for tailored substance use prevention in bipolar disorder
DO> You need to learn these risk factors to help your loved one.

Semantic priming abnormalities differ between bipolar disorder and schizophrenia
DO> Interesting study, don’t you agree?

Impulsiveness linked to severe clinical features in bipolar disorder
DO> Do you agree with their findings?

Bipolar Disorder and Drug Abuse in Teens
DO> You need to read this if you have a child or teen with bipolar.

Bipolar Disorder in Children: Misunderstood and Misdiagnosed
DO> Do you know the difference between adult and child bipolar disorder? This might help.

Catherine Zeta-Jones on Her Battle with Bipolar Disorder
DO> You’ll enjoy this video.

Childhood adversity raises comorbidity risk in bipolar disorder
DO> Are you aware of this risk for bipolar disorder?

Man accused of attempted murder needs evaluation for schizophrenia, bipolar …
DO> You’ll find this man’s story interesting.

Going off meds to write my book
DO> You will sympathize with this woman’s struggle with her bipolar.

Asenapine for Bipolar Disorder?
DO> Do you agree with using this drug?

Bipolar pedigree endophenotypes found
DO> Do you think one family was enough for this study?

Reboot: A Novel of Bipolar Disorder
DO> Sounds like a great book, take a look

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